Valerie Costanza



Earned a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts with emphasis in Ceramics from the Gwen Frostic School of Art inside Western Michigan University located in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

 I am intrigued by the unlimited possibilities of the elements: earth, fire & water. While attending art school I found a passion for working with my hands and using materials from earth to make objects and sculpture.

I enjoy the outdoors just as much as I love being in my studio. When I am not working I spend most of my time on the beach collecting, playing in the ocean, hiking and climbing with friends and adventurous road trips across the country. I maintain a busy lifestyle traveling and adventuring as much as I can. I take inspiration from my journey and transfer them into art, creating an essence for the piece whether it be an abstract painting or a ceramic pot. My forms and surface treatments seeks to exaggerate being in nature. As well as expand the overlooked biological simplicities surrounding our daily lives and examine human relationships with life on earth and ourselves.