Werk Out Music Festival 2014        Photo: Ashley Andronowitz

 Werk Out Music Festival 2014       Photo: Ashley Andronowitz


New works in progress... 

            I am in the very beginning stages of creating new work. Ocean imagery and topographical maps have inspired me to research my recent travels more in depth and investigate the idea of being a bird flying overhead. The image above is the first painting I have finished. I am using a fluid abstract process in reference to water tides and wind patterns to allow the work to flow at a rate the viscous pigment allows. I then alter the movement of the work by adding lots and lots of tiny dots which reference waves, paths or travel. I liked the way the dots reminded me of a  map and how the flowing blues and whites resemble an abstract view of the ocean. I feel very grounded in this creative process as I feel connected to the visual stimuli water, gravity and paint give the work.